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Why choose NTN-SNR for your car parts? 
- NTN-SNR offers an end-to-end solution covering over 95 % of the market's needs.
- NTN-SNR features a number of dedicated structures to accurately guide you towards the solutions matching your specific needs, including choice of solutions and technical support.
- NTN-SNR selects original quality products that are essential for guaranteeing your safety, with parts from OEM production lines and processes. 
- NTN-SNR gives you access to an extensive range of car parts and consequently over 100 years' experience in serving the needs of vehicle manufacturers, including development, innovation, quality, safety, superior performance, environmental impact and global costs. NTN-SNR provides parts for all European makes (VW Group, Fiat Group, Ford, Opel, Renault, Mercedes, etc.) and Asian makes (Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, Subaru, Mitsubishi, etc.).

Our catalogue contains the following:
- Wheel bearing kits, brake discs with integrated bearings, suspension kits and suspension thrust bearings, timing belt kits, timing belt and water pump kits, tensioners and idlers, accessory kits, crankshaft pulleys and damper pulleys, overrunning alternator pulleys, belts, and much more, from the WHEEL, TIMING, SUSPENSION, GEARBOX, ACCESSORIES, AIR CONDITIONING and CLUTCH ranges, thereby covering all car parts.
Part references matching each make, model, version and year.
Matching or equivalent parts marketed by other brands.

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 - SNR
1,6 kg  - Unit Wheel Bearings
 - SNR
1,985 kg  - Unit Wheel Bearings
0,63 kg  - Unit Wheel Bearings
0,49 kg  - Unit Wheel Bearings
0,18 kg  - Passenger Cars Gearbox Bearings
0,251 kg  - Passenger Cars Gearbox Bearings
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