Bearings heaters

NTN-SNR offers a full  range of Induction heating equipment (or bearing heaters) , which is both robust and powerful. They can be used to heat bearings as well as any other metal componants with a tight fit ( eg sleeves and gears). Induction heaters are designed for professional users involved in maintenance services and production operations:
- Easy to use: pivoting yokes for sizes  35 to 300; portable version also available.
- Fast heat-up: TURBO-BOOST mode;
- High-quality operation: microprocessor-controlled cycle, demagnetisation at  the end of the cycle.
- User safety: compliant with EU standards;
- Environmentally-friendly: superior energy performance.

Choose your induction  heater according to the weight and size of the components( to be heated), the temperature required and the available electric power and voltage.
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