AB.12013 - SNR

complete range of original quality SINGLE GEARBOX BEARINGS reflecting NTN's and SNR's expertise in OEM car parts.


Technical datasheet

KitThis kit contains the following reference(s)- RLT
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Gearbox codeBA10/4, BA10/5
External diameter 185 mm
Internal diameter n°135 mm
Width 120 mm
Weight0,477 kg


ManufacturerReferenceCITROEN230813PEUGEOT230813PEUGEOT79 03 090 234


BrandModelGenerationDatePositionLocationPEUGEOT50450406/1977 => 06/1984Engine sideinput/primary shaftPEUGEOT50450406/1977 => 06/1984Engine sidesecondary shaft 1PEUGEOT50450407/1977 => 06/1984Opposite engine sidesecondary shaft 1PEUGEOT50450407/1977 => 06/1984Engine sideintermediate shaftPEUGEOT50550507/1980 => 11/1990Engine sideinput/primary shaftPEUGEOT60460409/1977 => 11/1986Engine sideinput/primary shaftPEUGEOT60460401/1979 => 11/1985Opposite engine sidesecondary shaft 1