AB.12405.S01 - SNR


complete range of original quality SINGLE GEARBOX BEARINGS reflecting NTN's and SNR's expertise in OEM car parts.


Technical datasheet

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Gearbox codeJB4, JB5
External diameter 156 mm
Internal diameter n°122 mm
Width 116 mm
Weight0,18 kg




BrandModelGenerationDatePositionLocationRENAULTClioClio I Phase 1 & 205/1990 => 01/1996Opposite engine sideinput/primary shaftRENAULTClioClio I Phase 1 & 205/1990 => 01/1996Opposite engine sidesecondary shaft 1RENAULTR11R1106/1985 => 06/1989Opposite engine sideinput/primary shaftRENAULTR11R1106/1985 => 06/1989Opposite engine sidesecondary shaft 1RENAULTR19R19 Phase 106/1988 => 03/1992Opposite engine sideinput/primary shaftRENAULTR19R19 Phase 106/1988 => 03/1992Opposite engine sidesecondary shaft 1RENAULTR9R909/1981 => 08/1988Opposite engine sideinput/primary shaftRENAULTR9R909/1981 => 08/1988Opposite engine sidesecondary shaft 1RENAULTRapidRapid I05/1987 => 07/1991Opposite engine sideinput/primary shaftRENAULTRapidRapid I05/1987 => 07/1991Opposite engine sidesecondary shaft 1RENAULTSuper 5Super 506/1984 => 11/1996Opposite engine sideinput/primary shaftRENAULTSuper 5Super 506/1984 => 11/1996Opposite engine sidesecondary shaft 1