As an essential complement to the ACCESSORY range and to provide you with a complete selection, NTN-SNR offers a wider range of DAMPER PULLEYS (or crankshaft pulleys), as well as a range of kits including the appropriate fixings required for fitting the replacement.


Technical datasheet

KitThis kit contains the following reference(s)- VIS- DPF
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With screwAvec vis
External diameter 1152 mm
Width 146 mm
NTN-SNR recommends Hazet tool1789 N-1
Number of Path6
Weight2,511 kg




BrandModelGenerationDatePositionLocationOPELAstraAstra G01/1998 => 11/2005--OPELFronteraFrontera B09/1998 => 06/2005--OPELOmegaOmega B08/1997 => 06/2003--OPELSignumSignum05/2003 => 08/2005--OPELSintraSintra08/1997 => 11/1999--OPELVectraVectra B09/1996 => 12/1998--OPELVectraVectra B01/1999 => 05/2003--OPELVectraVectra C03/2002 => 08/2005--OPELZafiraZafira A (F75)12/1998 => 05/2003--OPELZafiraZafira A FL (F75)06/2003 => 05/2005--SAAB9-39-304/1998 => 07/2002--SAAB9-39-3 FL08/2002 => 11/2005--SAAB9-59-5 FL01/2002 => 12/2004--VAUXHALLAstraAstra MK IV03/1998 => 11/2005--VAUXHALLFronteraFrontera B09/1998 => 06/2005--VAUXHALLOmegaOmega12/1997 => 11/2003--VAUXHALLSignumSignum05/2003 => 08/2005--VAUXHALLSintraSintra08/1997 => 11/1999--VAUXHALLVectraVectra07/1996 => 02/2002--VAUXHALLVectraVectra C03/2002 => 08/2005--VAUXHALLZafiraZafira I (F75)04/1999 => 05/2003--VAUXHALLZafiraZafira I FL (F75)06/2003 => 05/2005--