DPF353.08 - SNR


As an essential complement to the ACCESSORY range and to provide you with a complete selection, NTN-SNR offers a wider range of DAMPER PULLEYS (or crankshaft pulleys), as well as a range of kits including the appropriate fixings required for fitting the replacement.


Technical datasheet

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External diameter 1154 mm
Width 128 mm
Number of Path6
Weight1,4 kg




BrandModelGenerationDatePositionLocationOPELAstraAstra Classic II sur base G12/2004 => 11/2009--OPELAstraAstra G03/2003 => 01/2004--OPELAstraAstra H02/2004 => 08/2010--OPELComboCombo FL sur base Corsa C06/2004 => 09/2011--OPELComboCombo Tour FL sur base Corsa C06/2004 => 09/2011--OPELCorsaCorsa C FL08/2003 => 06/2006--OPELMerivaMeriva A07/2003 => 09/2009--VAUXHALLAstraAstra MK V02/2004 => 11/2011--VAUXHALLComboCombo FL sur base Corsa C06/2004 => 09/2011--VAUXHALLComboCombo Tour FL sur base Corsa C06/2004 => 09/2011--VAUXHALLCorsaCorsa MKII FL08/2003 => 09/2006--VAUXHALLMerivaMeriva A07/2003 => 06/2010--