EC.42229.S01.H206 - SNR


complete range of original quality SINGLE GEARBOX BEARINGS reflecting NTN's and SNR's expertise in OEM car parts.


Technical datasheet

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Gearbox codeM20 New, M32 New, PF6, PK4
External diameter 162 mm
Internal diameter n°125 mm
Width 117 mm
Weight0,27 kg


ManufacturerReferenceRENAULT32 20 326 09RNISSAN32223-00Q0BVAUXHALL55585662VAUXHALL55585663VAUXHALL55585664RENAULT8200644044


BrandModelGenerationDatePositionLocationNISSANInterstarInterstar II (X70)10/2003 => 08/2006Engine sideinput/primary shaftNISSANInterstarInterstar II (X70)10/2003 => 08/2006Opposite engine sidesecondary shaft 2NISSANInterstarInterstar II FL (X70)08/2006 => 03/2007Engine sideinput/primary shaftNISSANInterstarInterstar II FL (X70)08/2006 => 11/2011Opposite engine sidesecondary shaft 2NISSANNV400NV40008/2011 => 05/2014Opposite engine sidesecondary shaft 2NISSANPrimastarPrimastar FL (X83)08/2006 => 03/2007Engine sideinput/primary shaftNISSANPrimastarPrimastar FL (X83)08/2006 => 11/2011Opposite engine sidesecondary shaft 2RENAULTEspaceEspace IV Phase 204/2007 => 11/2010Engine sideinput/primary shaftRENAULTLagunaLaguna III09/2007 => 10/2010Engine sideinput/primary shaftRENAULTMasterMaster II phase 2 FL04/2007 => 12/2010Engine sideinput/primary shaftRENAULTMeganeMégane II03/2007 => 06/2009Engine sideinput/primary shaftRENAULTMeganeMégane III Phase 109/2008 => 06/2012Engine sideinput/primary shaftRENAULTScenicScenic II04/2007 => 03/2009Engine sideinput/primary shaftRENAULTScenicScenic III03/2009 => 12/2011Engine sideinput/primary shaftRENAULTTraficTrafic II FL04/2007 => 11/2010Engine sideinput/primary shaftRENAULTVel SatisVel Satis FL04/2007 => 11/2009Engine sideinput/primary shaft