GA358.75 - SNR


With recognised expertise in OEM ACCESSORY IDLERS, NTN-SNR sets the same high standards for spare parts with a wide and constantly updated range of accessory belt idlers.


Technical datasheet

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External diameter 180 mm
Type of RollerTendeur
Width 126 mm
Weight0,929 kg


ManufacturerReferenceALFA ROMEO0055190053LANCIA0055190053ALFA ROMEO0060604903LANCIA0060604903LANCIA55190053ALFA ROMEO55190053LANCIA60604903ALFA ROMEO60624147ALFA ROMEO60813307LANCIA60813307


BrandModelGenerationDatePositionLocationALFA ROMEO14714701/2003 => 08/2004--ALFA ROMEO14714709/2004 => 12/2005--ALFA ROMEO15615608/1997 => 02/2003--ALFA ROMEO156156 FL03/2003 => 01/2006--ALFA ROMEO16616609/1998 => 08/2003--ALFA ROMEO166166 FL09/2003 => 11/2007--ALFA ROMEOGTGT08/2003 => 12/2007--ALFA ROMEOGTVGTV01/1997 => 01/2003--ALFA ROMEOGTVGTV FL02/2003 => 01/2006--ALFA ROMEOSpiderSpider (916)12/1998 => 01/2003--ALFA ROMEOSpiderSpider FL02/2003 => 01/2006--LANCIAKappaKappa (838)09/1994 => 09/2001--LANCIAThesisThesis08/2002 => 02/2005--