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GA359.80 - SNR


NTN-SNR offers the following for your ACCESSORY BELT IDLERS:

  • complete range to meet all the needs of the market.
  • Guaranteed original quality.
  • Its experience of the car parts market.
  • The benefit of its OEM expertise.


Technical datasheet

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External diameter 169 mm
Type of RollerEnrouleur
Width 125 mm
Weight0,414 kg




BrandModelGenerationDatePositionLocationCITROENEvasionEvasion01/1997 => 08/1998--CITROENEvasionEvasion FL09/1998 => 04/2002--CITROENSynergieSynergie FL06/2000 => 04/2002--CITROENXMXM série 205/1995 => 06/2001--CITROENXantiaXantia I06/1995 => 11/1997--CITROENXantiaXantia II11/1997 => 04/2002--CITROENXsaraXsara12/1997 => 07/2000--CITROENXsaraXsara FL08/2000 => 12/2004--CITROENZXZX08/1992 => 06/1998--FIATUlysseUlysse (U6)01/1997 => 08/1998--FIATUlysseUlysse (U6) FL09/1998 => 07/2002--LANCIAZetaZeta (U60)09/1994 => 04/2000--PEUGEOT30630608/1993 => 01/1997--PEUGEOT306306 II02/1997 => 08/2002--PEUGEOT40640609/1995 => 03/2003--PEUGEOT406406 FL03/1999 => 03/2004--PEUGEOT605605 - Restyling05/1995 => 04/1999--PEUGEOT80680601/1997 => 08/1998--PEUGEOT806806 FL09/1998 => 04/2002--