GA752.04 - SNR


NTN-SNR offers an ideal complement to the ACCESSORIES family in the form of a unique range of OVERRUNNING ALTERNATOR PULLEYS for the repairs market.


Technical datasheet

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External diameter 158 mm
Width 136 mm
Recommended toolClas : OM 3789
Weight2,041 kg


ManufacturerReferenceFORD1133969FORD1151207FORD1423796FORD1477441FORD1S4Q-10C382-ACFORD USA5M5Q10D310AAFORD USA5M5Q10D310AB


BrandModelGenerationDatePositionLocationFORDFocusFocus04/2001 => 09/2001--FORDFocusFocus C-MAX12/2004 => 01/2007--FORDFocusFocus FL10/2001 => 10/2004--FORDFocusFocus II10/2004 => 11/2007--FORDFocusFocus II FL11/2007 => 03/2010--FORDGalaxyGalaxy II (CA1)03/2006 => 03/2010--FORDMondeoMondeo IV (CA2)05/2007 => 08/2010--FORDS-MaxS-Max03/2006 => 05/2010--FORDConnectTourneo Connect TC704/2002 => 05/2006--FORDConnectTourneo Connect TC7 FL05/2006 => 05/2011--FORDConnectTransit Connect TC704/2002 => 05/2006--FORDConnectTransit Connect TC7 FL05/2006 => 09/2013--