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GA755.01 - SNR


NTN-SNR offers an ideal complement to the ACCESSORIES family in the form of a unique range of OVERRUNNING ALTERNATOR PULLEYS for the repairs market.


Technical datasheet

KitThis kit contains the following reference(s)- BOU
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External diameter 161 mm
Type of RollerPRLA
Width 141 mm
Recommended toolClas : OM 3789
Weight0,51 kg




BrandModelGenerationDatePositionLocationRENAULTClioClio II12/1997 => 02/2001--RENAULTClioClio II FL03/2001 => 04/2009--RENAULTEspaceEspace III11/1998 => 05/2000--RENAULTEspaceEspace III FL06/2000 => 09/2002--RENAULTKangooKangoo Extra (GB)12/1997 => 01/2003--RENAULTKangooKangoo I08/1997 => 01/2003--RENAULTKangooKangoo I FL02/2003 => 11/2006--RENAULTLagunaLaguna Nevada Phase 2 (K56)04/1998 => 11/2000--RENAULTLagunaLaguna Phase 2 (B56)04/1998 => 11/2000--RENAULTMasterMaster II01/2001 => 08/2003--RENAULTMegane ClassicMégane Classic phase 103/1997 => 01/1999--RENAULTMegane ClassicMégane Classic phase 202/1999 => 07/2002--RENAULTMeganeMégane Phase 103/1997 => 01/1999--RENAULTMeganeMégane Phase 209/1998 => 01/2003--RENAULTMegane ScenicMégane Scenic (JA/FA)03/1997 => 08/1999--RENAULTMegane ScenicScenic Phase208/1999 => 03/2003--RENAULTThaliaSymbol - Thalia Phase I02/2000 => 02/2001--VOLVOS40S4006/1996 => 02/2004--VOLVOV40V4005/1996 => 02/2004--