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GT355.38 - SNR


Drawing strength from its expertise and experience as a supplier to vehicle manufacturers, NTN-SNR offers an independent range of TENSIONERS.


Technical datasheet

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External diameter 170 mm
Width 132 mm
Weight0,315 kg


ManufacturerReferenceNISSAN13070-00Q0FNISSAN13070-00QADNISSAN13070-00QAENISSAN13070-00QAFOPEL4401430OPEL4418672OPEL4506090RENAULT8200007980RENAULT8200009194RENAULT SAS8200009194BRENAULT8200127467RENAULT8200839580VAUXHALL9109430VAUXHALL9201537VAUXHALL93195464


BrandModelGenerationDatePositionLocationNISSANInterstarInterstar I (X70)08/2002 => 10/2003--NISSANInterstarInterstar II (X70)10/2003 => 08/2006--NISSANInterstarInterstar II FL (X70)08/2006 => 11/2011--NISSANPrimastarPrimastar (X83)08/2002 => 08/2006--NISSANPrimastarPrimastar FL (X83)08/2006 => 11/2011--OPELMovanoMovano A08/2000 => 08/2003--OPELMovanoMovano A FL09/2003 => 09/2006--OPELMovanoMovano A FL 209/2006 => 09/2010--OPELVivaroVivaro A07/2001 => 06/2006--OPELVivaroVivaro A FL06/2006 => 07/2011--RENAULTAvantimeAvantime01/2002 => 02/2003--RENAULTEspaceEspace III FL06/2000 => 09/2002--RENAULTEspaceEspace IV08/2002 => 01/2006--RENAULTEspaceEspace IV Phase 202/2006 => 11/2010--RENAULTLagunaLaguna II (BG0)12/2000 => 01/2005--RENAULTLagunaLaguna II Phase 202/2005 => 08/2007--RENAULTMasterMaster II08/1997 => 08/2003--RENAULTMasterMaster II phase 209/2003 => 04/2006--RENAULTMasterMaster II phase 2 FL05/2006 => 12/2010--RENAULTTraficTrafic II08/2002 => 06/2006--RENAULTTraficTrafic II FL06/2006 => 11/2010--RENAULTVel SatisVel Satis12/2001 => 12/2004--RENAULTVel SatisVel Satis FL01/2005 => 11/2009--VAUXHALLMovanoMovano A08/2000 => 08/2003--VAUXHALLMovanoMovano A FL09/2003 => 09/2006--VAUXHALLMovanoMovano A FL 209/2006 => 09/2010--VAUXHALLVivaroVivaro A04/2003 => 05/2006--VAUXHALLVivaroVivaro A FL06/2006 => 09/2011--