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KB653.10 - SNR


Suspension thrust bearings require an enhanced design to cope with increasingly stringent demands. NTN-SNR's SUSPENSION THRUST BEARING KITS are capable of withstanding such demands and contain all the elements for a complete and effective replacement.


Technical datasheet

KitThis kit contains the following reference(s) - M253.09 - RDL - BLF
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NTN-SNR recommends Hazet tool4910/13 + 4915/15, 4910/13 + 4915/15
Number of components4
Recommended toolClas : OM 1112, Clas : OP 3231, Hazet : 4915/15
Weight1,1 kg




BrandModelGenerationDatePositionLocationOPELAstraAstra Classic III sur base H12/2008 => 11/2010Left / RightFRONTOPELAstraAstra H02/2004 => 10/2011Left / RightFRONTOPELZafiraZafira B06/2005 => 06/2008Left / RightFRONTOPELZafiraZafira B FL06/2008 => 11/2011Left / RightFRONTOPELZafiraZafira B Family07/2011 => 10/2014Left / RightFRONTVAUXHALLAstraAstra MK V02/2004 => 11/2012Left / RightFRONTVAUXHALLZafiraZafira II06/2005 => 01/2009Left / RightFRONTVAUXHALLZafiraZafira II FL01/2009 => 11/2011Left / RightFRONTVAUXHALLZafiraZafira II FL Classic07/2011 => Left / RightFRONT