KD455.29 - SNR


Over 500 different TIMING BELT KITS in the NTN-SNR range:

  • One of the highest market coverage rates.
  • A range exclusively featuring OEM parts from our manufacturing sites and premium partners.


Technical datasheet

KitThis kit contains the following reference(s) - GE355.21 - GE355.35 - CDI - GAT
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Width 125 mm
Number of belts1
Number of teeth153
Number of rollers3
Weight1,405 kg


ManufacturerReferenceRENAULT7700726440DACIA7700726440RENAULT TRUCKS7700875439RENAULT7700875439RENAULT8200051091RENAULT8200420964MITSUBISHIM343741MITSUBISHIM819383MITSUBISHIM855992MITSUBISHIM864046MITSUBISHIMD865078


BrandModelGenerationDatePositionLocationMITSUBISHICarismaCarisma (DA)04/1996 => 01/1999--MITSUBISHICarismaCarisma 2 (DA)02/1999 => 05/2000--RENAULTMegane ClassicMégane Classic phase 108/1996 => 01/1999--RENAULTMegane ClassicMégane Classic phase 202/1999 => 02/2001--RENAULTMeganeMégane Phase 112/1995 => 01/1999--RENAULTMeganeMégane Phase 209/1998 => 07/2002--RENAULTMegane ScenicMégane Scenic (JA/FA)09/1996 => 08/1999--RENAULTTraficTrafic08/1997 => 02/2001--