KD458.41 - SNR


Over 500 different TIMING BELT KITS in the NTN-SNR range:

  • One of the highest market coverage rates.
  • A range exclusively featuring OEM parts from our manufacturing sites and premium partners.


Technical datasheet

KitThis kit contains the following reference(s) - GE358.26 - GT358.33 - CDI
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Width 124 mm
Number of belts1
Number of teeth163
Number of rollers2
Weight0,894 kg


ManufacturerReferenceALFA ROMEO0060652477ALFA ROMEO0060656340ALFA ROMEO55192240FIAT55192240LANCIA55192240ALFA ROMEO55225504ALFA ROMEO60671573FIAT60671573LANCIA60671573ALFA ROMEO71736729


BrandModelGenerationDatePositionLocationALFA ROMEO14514511/1996 => 05/2001--ALFA ROMEO14614611/1996 => 05/2001--ALFA ROMEO14714709/2000 => 08/2004--ALFA ROMEO14714709/2004 => 12/2009--ALFA ROMEO15615608/1997 => 02/2003--ALFA ROMEO156156 FL03/2003 => 05/2004--