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KD458.52 - SNR


Over 500 different TIMING BELT KITS in the NTN-SNR range:

  • One of the highest market coverage rates.
  • A range exclusively featuring OEM parts from our manufacturing sites and premium partners.


Technical datasheet

KitThis kit contains the following reference(s)- GT358.30- GE358.30- CDI
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Width 124 mm
Number of belts1
Number of teeth198
Number of rollers2
Weight1,005 kg


ManufacturerReferenceLANCIA46352133JEEP46352133ALFA ROMEO46352133FIAT46352133FIAT46791189LANCIA46791189ALFA ROMEO46791189LANCIA55187103FIAT55187103LANCIA55215666FIAT55215666ALFA ROMEO55215666JEEP55215666ALFA ROMEO60813592ALFA ROMEO71736493LANCIA71736493FIAT71736493FIAT71754558ALFA ROMEO71754558LANCIA71754558ALFA ROMEO71771498LANCIA71771498FIAT71771498JEEP71771498LANCIA7763644ALFA ROMEO7763644FIAT7763644


BrandModelGenerationDatePositionLocationALFA ROMEO14714711/2002 => 08/2004--ALFA ROMEO15615610/2002 => 02/2003--ALFA ROMEO156156 FL03/2003 => 12/2005--ALFA ROMEO166166 FL09/2003 => 11/2007--LANCIAThesisThesis08/2002 => 06/2009--