N.40701.H100 - SNR

complete range of original quality SINGLE GEARBOX BEARINGS reflecting NTN's and SNR's expertise in OEM car parts.


Technical datasheet

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Gearbox codeML5, ML6, MLUC
External diameter 182 mm
Internal diameter n°140 mm
Width 119 mm
Weight0,47 kg




BrandModelGenerationDatePositionLocationCITROENC4 PicassoC4 Picasso08/2006 => 04/2013Engine sidesecondary shaft 1CITROENC4 PicassoC4 Picasso08/2006 => 04/2013Opposite engine sidesecondary shaft 1FIATDucatoDucato (230-231-232-234)05/1998 => 05/2001Engine sidesecondary shaft 1FIATDucatoDucato (243-244-245-247)12/2001 => 05/2006Engine sidesecondary shaft 1FIATScudoScudo04/1996 => 11/2003Engine sidesecondary shaft 1FIATScudoScudo FL12/2003 => 11/2006Engine sidesecondary shaft 1FIATScudoScudo II12/2006 => 06/2016Engine sidesecondary shaft 1FIATUlysseUlysse (U6)02/1996 => 08/1998Engine sidesecondary shaft 1FIATUlysseUlysse (U6) FL09/1998 => 07/2002Engine sidesecondary shaft 1FIATUlysseUlysse II08/2002 => 06/2010Engine sidesecondary shaft 1