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R154.58 - SNR


NTN-SNR's expertise is exemplified in the WHEEL BEARING KITS range:

  • An increasingly extensive range to meet all the needs of the market.
  • Kits comprising both bearings and the associated components for a complete and reliable replacement.
  • Original quality parts for guaranteed safety.


Technical datasheet

KitThis kit contains the following reference(s)- RLT- VIS (x6)- ECR
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With integrated sensor ringAvec
Tightening torque 1200 N-m
External diameter 185 mm
External diameter 2143 mm
Internal diameter n°130 mm
NTN-SNR recommends Hazet tool4934-2585/12 + 4930-1 + 4930-2 (Touareg)
NTN-SNR recommends Hazet tool4934-2585/12 + 4930-1 + 4930-2 + 4934-8507 (Transporter)
Width 145 mm
Width 2102 mm
Number of holes5
Weight4,3 kg
Bearing typeMGB




BrandModelGenerationDatePositionLocationVOLKSWAGENTouaregTouareg I12/2002 => 08/2003Left / RightFRONTVOLKSWAGENTouaregTouareg I12/2002 => 08/2003Left / RightREARVOLKSWAGENTransporterTransporter (7E/7F)08/2009 => 07/2015Left / RightFRONTVOLKSWAGENTransporterTransporter (7E/7F)08/2009 => 07/2015Left / RightREARVOLKSWAGENTransporterTransporter (7H/7J)03/2015 => Left / RightREARVOLKSWAGENTransporterTransporter 7J/7H03/2003 => 07/2003Left / RightFRONTVOLKSWAGENTransporterTransporter 7J/7H03/2003 => 10/2009Left / RightREARVOLKSWAGENTransporterTransporter FL(7H/7J)06/2019 => Left / RightREAR