SNCD3138 + 23138K - SNR

SNCD3138 + 23138K

Split plummer block for bearings on adapter sleeve, made of ductile cast, for grease lubrication


Technical datasheet

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Shaft diameter (d) 170 mm
Housing length (a) 560 mm
Housing foot width (b) 210 mm
Housing foot height (c) 80 mm
bearing seat widt (g) 124 mm
Bearing center height (h) 190 mm
Housing height (h1) 375 mm
Housing mid width (l) 260 mm
Width over TS (l1) 270 mm
Width over TA (l2) 334 mm
Mounting hole (or punches) distance (length) (m) 480 mm
Distance punches dowel pins (m1) 520 mm
Mounting hole distance (width) (n) 120 mm
Mounting hole width (u) 28 mm
Mounting hole length (v) 34 mm
Bearing seat diameter (D) 320 mm
Distance small shaft shoulder to bearing center (g1) 100 mm
Bearing distance (W) 10 mm
Housing weight 97,5 kg
New Material of Housing ductile cast
Initial grease quantity 3300 cm³
Brand SNR
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Fixing bolts (G) M24
Recommended torque fixing bolts 500 N-m
Connection bolts M24x150
Recommended torque connection bolts 440 N-m
Eye bolt(s) M20
Maximum loads 120° 800 kN
Maximum loads 150° 460 kN
Maximum loads 180° 400 kN


Breaking loads P 0° 3960 kN
Breaking loads P 55° 4860 kN
Breaking loads P 90° 2340 kN
Breaking loads P 120° 1800 kN
Breaking loads P 150° 1580 kN
Breaking loads P 180° 1980 kN


New Designation of housing SNCD3138
Bearing 23138K
Adapter sleeve H3138
fixing rings 2 x FR320x10x10
Labyrinth sealing TS TS-38
Taconite Sealing TA TA-38
End cover TE TE-38