TOOL SMART TEMP S / induction heater - SNR

TOOL SMART TEMP S / induction heater

NTN-SNR offers an innovative range of Induction heaters called SmartTEMP. It allows a unique heating management, suitable for all parts, even the most sensitive ones such as sprockets and specific bearings. Efficient and easy to use, they can heat bearings or any other mechanical parts of the same weight. These devices are designed for professional use and are suitable for both maintenance services and production lines:

  • Smart: 4 dedicated heating modes: Temperature (one sensor), Ramp, Temperature (two sensors), Timer; adapted to each part and applications;
  • High performance: 30% savings in heating time compared to standard devices and a significant reduction in energy consumption;
  • Easy to use: a touch screen informs the user in real time and can be used to save heating data.

Choose your SmartTEMP device according to the weight, dimensions and senstivity of the parts to be heated, the temperature required and the available electric power and voltage.


Technical datasheet

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Length 450 mm
Width 210 mm
Height 275 mm
Min bearing bore diameter 10 mm
Max bearing outer diameter 400 mm
Max power input 3 kVA
Max voltage 230 V
Max current 13 A
Frequency 50 Hz
Max temperature setup 240 °C
Temperature holding at the end of cycle Yes
Demagnetization Yes
Max part weight 50 kg
Max width 140 mm
Mass 21 kg